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the “Art of Looking”. 

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AnonymusQY 70-logo Anonymus
Sound and Vision”

Luc Van de Steegthe Global EYE

-a.k.a.: LucFineArt


a Photography adept,
ever since my childhood.

Hilversum -Leeuwenstraat 196...
Hilversum 196…  Source:

With thanks to my brothers,
Willem and Gert, as they
were my photography roll-models.

One for the Air-force photography,
one at a Photo shop around 1969. 
Real brick and mortar Photoshop
and it was called:
“Photo Beetle” / “Foto Kever”.



And at home we had, first in the cellar
and later on in the back-garden,
build from old Church shutters.
A Wet and Dry “Doka” (photo dark-room + studio options.)

photocamera negatief cassetteAfter finishing
High School in 1978,
started working from analogue
professional photo-film lab’s
to the digital era
for images and film processing.

(the first AVID-models could process 2 Gigabyte ! -Woow, a full render took at least 2 – 4 hrs…. early 2002,
the “old”-filmcutters /editors rejected it, and refused to give up there “Steinbeck”.)

iSpecialMusic -radio-stationHilversum,

former know as “Radio-City” and
“Garden City” has become “Media-City”,
because National TV/Radio -studio’s,
facilities and offices are based here.

The well know film-lab
Cinecentrum also was here,
I have joined the CC family”
from 1979 until 1986.

Logo Cinecentrum

⇓The Famous Sir Philip Bloemendaal.

The Famous Philip Bloemendaal, the voice of the Dutch Polygoon-journaal.
” Mr One-Take”.


Born and raised in the 60’ties/70’ties
in and around Hilversum,
so this I call “Home-Town”.

Today living in the town of ‘s Graveland – NL.
Out looking a forest
(a little one… it’s Holland)
but protected by UNESCO,
so my view stays this way.

All the Works presented are genuine
pieces of Art and Expertise, made
with passion for Life and People.

Brown Eyes Looking

There is so much to see!”

Thank You for Visiting,
Luc Van de Steeg – URL Duke

Please feel free to contact me.

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All images can be ordered here as  a Print-Out, Framed or Shower-Curtain,
iPhone-case and much more items (with Money-back Guarantee).

Can safely say; “It’s Top-notch quality”.

Products LucFineArt - online shop2
Product examples LucFineArt com – online shop ( there is more…)


Products LucFineArt com - online shop (2)

But also the works of others,
artists I personally know
and works I like.
My dear friend Daan Jaap de Birk,
who goes by the name of:
(Dutch spelled)

Sound and Vision

QY 70-logo Anonymus
Sequencer QY 70

He has an enormous oeuvre
of Paintings and Mouth-Blown Gouaches.
Drawings with color-pencil. (Size: A4.)

3 Special Music Albums:
“Soft Sequencer”,
“Odyssee” and ““Praha”
(limited editions
-25 Hard & 25 Soft copies w.w.)

 The artist Anonymus allowed Exclusively
to promote and sell his works.

The originals come with wooden-frame
(light /dark) and double Passe-Partoute.

Originals only can by direct-contact,
be acquired, drop us an email or call,
we can ship it world-wide…

The drawings are full of little details to explore
as been seen in every drawing.

Digital prints or products will be limited, 250 copies max.

If the original hasn’t been sold*, even by consent of the new owner,
limit stays at: 250 copies.
*only from Anonymus -artworks 


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