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URL Duke Since 2002 Primary Trademark
from Luc van de Steeg,
of course it’s a reference to The Duke of Earl.
The song originated from warm-up exercises by the Dukays. A vocal group with Gene Chandler. This group would regularly warm up by singing Do do do do…” in different keys. On one occasion, Dixon changed the syllables, he was singing to include Earl’s name, the chant gradually became the nonsense words: “Du..du..du..Duke of Earl” .Gene Chandler_Duke_Earl Gene Chandler

⇓Luc van de Steeg 30 04 1960 Hilversum – Luc van de Steeg - URL Duke
You probable won’t believe me, I was around the first 260.000 people that were having access to the new born medium. A friend showed me, with his 4 Amiga’s tight together, at least 15 minutes respond-time. The new web-addresses? He did got a print-out of the first 260K. IP-addresses.
Url Duke a.k.a.    ⇒ a “Special Interest- Portal” on the worldwide web. Why? First of all, I’ll like it, love today’s new media. Luc v.d. Steeg -URL Duke is an care-taker by nature and upbringing. Hopelessly curious about this new digital world. As we know, WWW became “The Internet Revolution”. Tim Berners Lee, still many THANKS!!

I was surprised, enthusiastic but got no idea how or what to do with it but being a part of it that for sure. Do Love the analogue world and still believe in: Universal Human-Rights for men and women alike. Democratic with freedom of being, respect, love and still a Rebel by hart.

Came up with the URL Duke, as an “place-holder”, to Express myself and about my Passions: Photo, Music, Video, Poetry and Life.
LucFineArt Digital Art-Photography iSpecialMusic with Dr. Preset / DJ Shopfie Thomas Hagen Poetry Becoming who I am today, the way to express myself, authentic and true, came with publishing on-line into reach. The analogue world’s dictate on publishing music, art and product-releasing became re-written.

Live life on purpose!
Let’s stick together, and make the best out of it.
To Inform and Show
and the beat goes on, and ...
Me and the beat goes 
on and on and…
Kind Regards; Luc van de Steeg -2018 Netherlands.

Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duke_of_Earl.

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