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WE WON! the Battle for the Net

There was a lot going on,

We Won Net Neutrality
We Won Net Neutrality

Hidden for most people,
we were close of
getting an restriction on your internet-connection,
forced to a new paid-version of the internet.
what we all now use (or soon getting). 
Business as usually, but violating your human-rights.

Incredible Result:
4 Million comments to the FCC /2.5 Million petitions signatures
10 Million emails to congress /500,000 calls to the FCC and more.

Website:   We Won Net Neutrality 



About What?… Net Neutrality

c video above first…

We’re just getting started with organizing this massive day of action,

so sign up and we’ll get in touch soon with more information.

If you run a high-traffic website, startup, or small business,

get in touch. We need you! There are square, vertical

and horizontal versions of the bumper for you to download here.

Need more info? See: Vimeo – Net neutrality explainer video 

URL Duke thinks it’s a bad thing and certainly not E-Quality for all!!
so join the protest, one way or the other!
On behave of the Internet I made this statement.